craigslist ghosting

Marketing is a must for every business whether big or small and it is not easy as many think. It is difficult as there are a number of techniques and tools available but only some are effective. Therefore, for marketing it is important to do it the right way with the right tools and techniques. And Craigslist ghosting has proven to be the best for marketing many businesses through ads.

 Craigslist which started in 1995, is one of the most popular and top websites on the internet. It is an ultimate website build for online classified listings. It is an opportunity for people to market their business and other important things. The craigslist  offers people to put up job advertisement, personal ads, cars ads, pet ads, home supplies ads, property ads and various other kinds of ads. what is ghosting

Craigslist is an excellent site for searching jobs, properties, and businesses and so on. It is known for giving tough competition to newspapers and other mediums for classified ads. It provides maximum exposure with around 30 billion page views per month and it has a presence in over 50 countries which is best for marketing.

But recently ghosting has become a major problem for many craigslist ghosting users. Ghosting is when one makes a post on craigslist and the system tells that it has been posted and published, but in reality the post never appears on the front page of Craigslist site. The system simply gives you a post ID and URL which only you can view on your browser but not others browser, as it does not appear at all on the front page. And the real problem of craigslist ghosting is that you may not realize whether your listing is ghosted or not as information is not made public for users to know.

Now, when your listings are hit by ghosting -there are certain steps which you can follow to achieve maximum effectiveness from craigslist by posting effectively .The steps are shown in the form of video tutorials which show exactly how one should post ads in the latest and best ways.

All steps shown in the video are tested and genuine as they do not violate any of the craigslist terms of service (TOS). The video tutorial for craigslist ghosting has:

1) True and proven methods for craigslist business posting.

2) Original template which took months of testing before making available to you.

3) Complete video based tutorial and does not include any long PDF or other document files.

4) The cost of information is recovered in no time flat.

5) Guaranteed steps to beat ghosting.